Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Literacy Training for San Ramon Teachers

Here are Jason Paul's photos and notes from last week's Teachers' Professional Development conference in San Ramon, made possible by a grant from HSRSCP. This report demonstrates the importance, excitement, and challenges of presenting such programs:

After having steady [electrical] power almost all week long we awoke this morning to Murphy's Law ["If something CAN go wrong, it WILL."]. After having gotten up at 5:00 to put 5 gallons of water on to boil for coffee for the [program participants], when I got up for a second time at 6:00 and hit the light switch nothing happened. So we hemmed and hawed for a brief spell and then decided to proceed forward. Mercedes lent us her back-up battery and we set out making trips to the school, projector, computer, battery, pastries, and coffee....

Lucila got through most of the first part of her powerpoint presentation and the battery died. She went on for a few more minutes and we stopped for the coffee break. When we returned, the power was back.
  • 62 teachers were in attendance, there was good participation, and it seemed that everyone gained a decent to excellent command of the material.
  • There was a lot of positive feedback on the evaluation forms. Teachers thought the information would be helpful to them in their work and many expressed a desire for the rest of the teachers in San Ramon to get the same workshop.
  • There was also interest in receiving more workshops of this nature in the future.

So ... it is safe to say that stage one has been a success. In the next week [program presenter] Lucila will do follow-up visits to classrooms, and I will join her upon returning from Peru. When we got home at 12:30 and I set the battery to charge it went for about 2 minutes and the power was gone again. So we made it in the nick of time....yay!

-- Jason Paul

BELOW: Program presenter Lucila (right) and participating teachers. BELOW: A sample program feedback form from an enthusiastic participant.

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