About HSR


The Henniker San Ramón Sister Community Project (HSR) truly believes that a better world is possible. In fact, we’ve seen signs of that world unfolding in our work over the past 15 years. We’ve found that the people of San Ramón and Henniker can cross boundaries, learn from each other, and build lasting, empowering friendships. Our relationship is based on mutual respect. Our perspective seeks to prevent us in the North acting as "do-gooders," doing things to and for the people of San Ramón. We seek to engage in relationships and collaborations that affirm dignity, celebrate the human family, and advance the causes of social and economic justice.

HSR is organized as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization run by a board of directors. We were founded in 1992 by members of both communities.  We are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, grassroots organization. All our work is accomplished by volunteers and the generous donations of our supporters.

San Ramon, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
San Ramón is a township of approximately 277 square miles in the Matagalpa region of northern Nicaragua, 90 miles northeast of the country’s capital, Managua.  The population of the township is approximately 36,000 of which about 90% live in 96 small rural communities and 3,000 in the town proper composed of 8 neighborhoods. The people live largely by cultivating cash crops such as coffee, corn, and beans, by raising cattle, and by practicing subsistence agriculture. Unemployment and malnutrition are widespread. Only 20% of school-aged children attend school.
Henniker, NH, USA
Henniker is a small town of about 4,501 in south-western New Hampshire.
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The mission of the Henniker San Ramón Sister Community Project is to develop ties of friendship and understanding through people to people exchanges and to support just economic and social projects that enhance both communities. 'Sistering' is an expression of our mutual desire to transcend barriers and work to build a better world through relationships based on respect, cooperation, and solidarity.