Friday, May 23, 2008

Blog Use Guidelines

Here are some recommended guidelines for posting on the HSR blog:
  1. All posts must align with the Mission and Philosophy of HSR.
  2. All posts must have EITHER a direct connection with HSR's activities or interests, OR an indirect connection through a member of HSR or another group with similar activities or interests.
  3. All material (either posted or directly linked) must be appropriate for readers of all ages.
  4. HSR believes in transparency; we will post brief notes of meetings and events. The official minutes of HSR meetings are available to the public at the next HSR meeting, and will not be posted on this blog.
  5. We will post news of upcoming, current, and past delegations, to inform our communities and to generate interest in our activities.
  6. We will post news that affects our communities and our activities in both New Hampshire and San Ramon.
  7. When we post about a person or group who was not present at a meeting, or was not aware of the post, we will notify that person/group about the post.
  8. Several members of the Henniker group will be invited to become authors on this blog. (HSR Members: If you would like to become an author, email Marek Bennett.)
  9. Members of the San Ramon group will also be invited to join the blog as authors. (This bilateral expansion of the blog may happen soon or over the next year or two.)
  10. All blog authors will agree to follow these guidelines (in their final, accepted form), and will work to help each other follow the guidelines.
  11. Comments will be active, and moderated by an ADMIN account (currently Marek Bennett, but ideally ...)
This blog will present a professional, positive, and dynamic face for our organization. Whenever possible, EACH blog post will contain:
  1. A unique, descriptive, and brief title.
  2. The name of the person posting the information (and contact information!).
  3. Grammatically correct, spell-checked content using complete sentences.
  4. OPTIONAL: One or more graphics or photographs that help to explain/illustrate the post, along with text explaining the graphic and/or its origin.
  5. Links to primary sources or other sources of the information in the post.

Other features we will work to implement:

  • Automatic Spanish Language translation of all pages (available via as soon as this blog becomes public)
  • RSS subscription -- perhaps a feed reader in the sidebar?
  • Picasa albums -- a good way to share our photos?
  • Google Analytics tracking code (when we make the blog public) -- to learn how viewers use the blog, and what they're most interested in reading, etc.

Do you have some suggestions? Please add you comments below!

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