HSR was founded in 1992 by members of both communities.  We have participated in many community and human development projects initiated by groups in San Ramón, and brought educational and cultural programming to both towns.

Our past projects have included clean water, literacy, women’s rights, special education, daycare, nutrition, senior programs, and cultural festivals.  Examples include:

  • La Pita Water Project— With funding from the Jeffrey Clement Presente Fund, construction of a gravity-fed water project in La Pita, a rural community of San Ramón of 250 inhabitants, was completed. The community’s water supply had been contaminated with lead from gold- mining operations in the 1900s. The project cost of $16,000 was shared with Durham, North Carolina, also a sister community of San Ramón. The La Pita community provided the labor. A Nicaraguan organization, Programa Agua, provided the plan, training, technical expertise, and delivery of materials. One of the community members deeded to the community in perpetuity the land where the water springs forth from the mountain. Thirty-four houses will have their own water spigots; four homes located at a high elevation will share a spigot. "I am very happy that I will have clean water coming right to my house so I can have a nice clean shower right at home," said Francisco Mendoza, a senior citizen of La Pita.
  • Los Pipitos/ San Ramón—Innovative programs for disabled children in San Ramón 
  • El Horno Housing Project—With funding from the Jeffrey Clement Presente Fund, homes were built with families whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Mitch. This project was conducted in collaboration with the San Ramón organization ADEC.
  • La Oficina Legal de Atención a la Mujer/Women’s Defensa—Women’s organization for the advancement of the rights of women and the ending of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Healthcare Outreach—Services to elderly and people in rural communities through the San Ramón organization Casa del Nino
  • Childcare/Feeding Center—Served children of coffee farmers at La Lima Coffee Cooperative
  • San Ramón Town Library—Donations of books and supplies 
  • Material Aid—Shipments to help the people of San Ramón meet the immediate needs of the poorest by sharing needed school and office supplies, medical supplies and equipment, sports equipment, and clothing.
  • Pen Pals—Correspondence between Henniker Community School children and children in rural communities of San Ramón.
  • Delegations—To deepen friendships, to learn, and to work together. Learn more>
  • Culture—Support for special events such as the San Ramón Environmental Fair and the Campesino Music Festival
  • Promotion & Sale of Fair Trade Coffee