Sunday, April 25, 2010

Report 2 (2010 HSR Comics Delegation to San Ramón)

Here are some more images from Friday´s workshops:

Students drawing and sharing their personal introductions:
These students really enjoyed mixing fiction with autobiography to tell stories about their community:
Our partner teacher Donald passes out booklets of "Historietas San Ramóneñas" at the end of the workshop:
Students eagerly read through this 24-page booklet of comics by their neighbors and peers...

And now, some notes on our progress thus far in completing the objectives of this year´s Comics Delegation:
  1. Deliver letter of introduction from Henniker Community School to teacher(s) in potential partner schools (initiating student-to-student comics exchange program) -- We´ve visited our top candidate school but both the director and the 4th grade teacher were not at school on that day. We met the students and described the project to them; the next step is to sit down and talk with the director, and pending permission, deliver the intro letter to the teacher. That should happen by Tuesday, when we visit the school to do an afterschool program.
    Also, as we develop a more two-sided collaboration with a partner art teacher, we´re planning to rely on his art classes as a focus program for our planned student-to-student exchange.

  2. Return to Henniker with response letter from partner teacher -- Pending meeting with partner school.

  3. Identify convenient channel of communication between San Ramón and Henniker (for transmission of student artwork) -- One partner teacher has offered a local art school office as a transmission point. (They have a scanner, digital camera, and email connection.)
  4. Identify potential student translator groups at the high school level -- English instruction seems to be somewhat tenuous at the public high school level, and we anticipate relying on student translators in NH for the bulk of the translation work. This week we plan to speak with the Ministerio de Educacion and explore what might be possible.
  5. Initiate planning for 2011 NH student delegation to SR -- Our potential partners in this enterprise will return to SR this week from another brigade, and at that time we will arrange a meeting.
  6. Communicate support plan for Women´s Legal Defense Fund -- still pending arrangement of meeting.

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